Things to Do at Cartagena in Colombia

Cartagena in Colombia, delightful, enchanting, romantic—the city will never cease to mystify any traveller.

You will never lack of anything to do at Cartagena.  Aside from the historical structures that sit in the city, there are still a lot of many enchanting places to visit and experiences that will delight your senses. The city has so much more to offer and it’s up to you to discover them.

The most important thing that you shouldn’t miss is a visit to the old walled city, Centro Amurallado.  This is the heart of Cartagena, the history book that is waiting for you to be browsed and pondered.  The thick walls are concrete evidence of the city’s philandering and struggling past.  Worn out yet proud, old yet beautiful– it represents the soul of Cartagena, the city of many contrasts.

Never forget to tread at the cobble stone alleys of the magnificent fortress of Castilo de San Felipe de Barajas.  Protector of the city, it stands proud and still has that distinctive air of formidability and strength.  Its stone walls, parapets, batteries, and narrow tunnels speak of power and authority you’ll always remember.

Immerse in the Volcan de Totumo and enjoy the sweet two-meter high mud as it enclosed your body.  This energizing activity will truly awaken your senses. Just nearby is a spring where you can rinse off and emerge rejuvenated.

Climb up the precipitous hill and stood amazed at the beautiful architecture of the 400-year old Convento de La Popa.  Believed to be the deliverer of the people from illnesses and ravages of war, the Virgin of Candelaria sits at a privileged part of this beautiful structure.  The hill gives an astounding 360 view of the city as well.

Take a ride – Cartagena in Colombia

Take a joy-ride at the horse drawn carriage and explore the city during the night.  The lantern-lit coaches gives off a solemn and romantic air as it carries you from one stunning spot to another.  Feel the cool breeze and enjoy the sound of horse’s hooves as it trudges rhythmically on the cobble stone alleys.

If you’re brave enough, try watching a bullfight at the outskirts of the city. The heart stopping dance between the bull and the matador would leave you breathless.  Don’t ever close your eyes otherwise you’ll miss some of the action. For the squeamish, distance a bit from the arena if you don’t want to get a close look at severe goring. And, brace yourself for the ultimate death of the bull!

Enjoy a wild night at Bocagrande’s beachside night zone until the wee hours.  The booze and frenzy dancing usually dissipate an international scene.  Forget being Cinderella and dance the night away with the company of new found friends.

Immerse at the beauty of the magnificent Parque Nacionla Tayrona.  Dip at the sparkling waters of its beaches and trudge barefoot on its white sand.  Hike to the jungle slopes of the world’s highest coastal ranges and enjoy the eventful terrain.

Bare those bones and take a salsa class at one of the renowned studios in Cartagena.  Tune in to the sensuality and passion of the Caribbean and be carried away with the sultry vibrant rhythm of its music.  The intensive dance steps and seductive movements will get you to taste another shade of passion and make you discover a different side of your own sensuality.

These are only few of the things you’ll enjoy at Cartagena in Colombia.  Explore this enchanting city and make a discovery yourself!

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