Party at Chiva

Cartagena in Colombia is famous for its safe beaches. Caribbean Sea surrounds Cartagena which makes it a beach haven for tourists who have penchant for the sea. During day time, beaches nearby the Ancient Walled City are flocked with tourists.

However fun does not cease when sun sets in Cartagena. A party happens during nighttime. Interestingly, this party happens inside a Chiva. A Chiva is a tourist bus in Cartagena. Like the usual tourist bus from any tourist destination, Chiva bus has a tourist guide. But unlike your usual tourist bus, this bus in Cartagena is famed because it resembles a disco and a comedy bar. The tourist guide hosts the party. An open bar is always available. There is non-stop live music by which tourists can sing and clap along with while drinking in Chiva’s open bar.

Chiva Bus moves all around Cartagena in Colombia. There are designated stops where Chiva Bus picks you up. You can agree for a meet up at those pick up points. Or you can also ask Chiva Bus to pick you up from the hostel where you stay. All you need to do is invite other tourists and form a large group to party on Chivas Bus. Call the Chiva Bus directly when you have formed your party group. Ask the hostel information desk about Chiva’s telephone numbers. Party on the Chiva bus happens nightly. The Chiva bus will be happy to welcome you aboard.

As soon as the Chiva bus makes its last pick up, the party begins. Chiva bus does not stay immobile. As the party happens inside, Chiva bus tours famous tourist spots around Cartagena in ColombiaThe tourist guide will point at Laguito, Boca Grande, Centro, Castillo Grande, Manga, and Pie de la Popa simultaneously as he goes hosting the party. The Chiva Bus stops at the Ancient Walled City and tourist will be invited to dance outside. A Colombian music called “Papayera” is played especially for the tourists to dance along with. Chiva Buses coordinate with other Chiva Buses to make a stop at the Walled City at the same time. They intend to do this to have more tourists party together. Here, tourists are offered a variety of Colombian delicacies. Chiva Bus’ last stop is a Disco Club called “Las Escolleras”. Here you have the option to party until the sun comes up.

Cartagena in Colombia – Places to go

If you are not the type to party, you can still enjoy riding Chiva Bus during day time. Chiva bus has scheduled day tours around the historical places in Cartagena in Colombia. The ancient La Virgen de la Candelaria is a most awaited stop by many tourists. Next stop is the 17th century old San Felipe Fortress. These fortress walls are witnessed to the enchanting history of Cartagena. The old city is seen well from San Felipe Fortress. The Chiva bus tour guide may lead you to a foot tour around Las Bovedas. Las Bovedas served as dungeons for the Spanish troops during the Spanish time.

There are also day tours around the Republican Coffeehouse and the nearby antique residential house of a historical person named Rafael Nuñez. He was the president of Colombia four times. He created Colombia’s national anthem.

Truely, Cartagena in Colombia is an intriguing and amazing place to visit.

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