Discovering the Magic of Cartagena in Colombia

A city of legends, romance and beauty, Cartagena in Colombia, boasts of endless interesting places that that brings magic and captivation.  This Caribbean princess will never cease to astound even to the most frequent traveller. There is always a surprise waiting at every nook and cranny of this lovely city.

A stroll through Cartagena’s narrow cobbled alleys will lead you to the imposing colonial structures with lovely protruding balconies draped with colourful bougainvilleas and other tropical flowers.  Beautiful as this sight maybe but this was unable to hide the saga of this walled city that has never faded through time.  Every crevice and nook speaks of the past that until now haunts any passer-by.

A walk to the formidable defense complex of Castillo San Felipe de Barajas with its batteries and parapets leads you to a striking grand entrance and a maze of intricate tunnels.  Standing at one of its parapets takes you back to the time when the fortress carried out its mission to protect the city.

The astounding museums that are cluttered around the city further cemented in your mind a picture of the troublesome past of the city as it struggled against the philanders.   The enchanting atmosphere of the City Museum Palace of the Inquisition invites a closer look at its relics. Each objet d’art symbolizes a struggle, a tragedy, and a triumph.

The stunning churches inspire trust. The magnificent Santo Domingo Church in particular exalts devotion and unity.   Symbolizing a faith that had engulfed almost half of the planet, the amazing details of the magnificent structure embodying colonial art never ceases to astound a romantic soul.

A further inspection leads you to a collection of amazing islets and islands of the city.  Each different from the other—enclosed in their own beauty and charm.  Bounded by the pristine tortoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, each island echoes the same tranquillity reverberating a promise of endless beauty.

Cartagena in Colombia – The treks

A trek reveals a world of wonders.  Here you find yourself surrounded by a stunning greenery of a mangrove of forest teeming with rich wildlife at La Ciénega.  The Ecological Botanical Gardens, on the other hand, leaves you breathless with awe. Slipping into these worlds has rendered an awareness that force out of you a promise to mother earth.

A starving stomach guides you to the fine restaurants along Boca Grande, the El Centro or the downtown area.  The mouth watering empanadas con huevo, butifarras, carimañolas, mote de queso, arroz con coco, sancochos de carnes or pescados with their distinctive Cartagenean tang entices you to taste a line-up after line-up of exotic delicatessen peculiar only to the city.

The night brings excitement and seduction.  As you surrender to the music bellowing from one of Bocagrande’s beachside discotheque, your body moves with a rhythm within.  The same scene is happening at the downtown neighbourhood; less frenzy but more buoyant, the night simply fades away with sultry music and passionate movements.

This is the bewitching Cartagena in Colombia. As you see more and more of the city, the yearning for more discoveries is enkindle to the very core of your being.  Then you realize, you’ll never have enough of the city.

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