Cartagena in Colombia, Jewel of the Caribbean

Discover the beauty of Cartagena in Colombia, a city of many colors and contrasts.   Imagine being transported into a world of vibrant color and beauty of lush vegetation and pristine waters.  As you come near, suddenly all your attention focus on one sensation- the sense of sight. Accosted by an unthinkable gamut of colors that once played with your imagination as the Caribbean Sea comes into view, your sense of sight takes in the splendour and beauty that carries you into another level of dimension.

Imagine touching the cool immaculate waters of the beautiful Rosario Island, just 45 minutes away from the lovely Cartagena. As the water teasingly trickles through your fingertips, your sense of touch has awakened into a higher level of consciousness that immerses you into the marvellous landscape of the island.

And as you tread on bare feet feeling the texture of the white sand of Baru Island that contrasts with the azure blue seascape, you surrender yourself to the marvellous sensation of the cool sea breeze playing with your hair and softly caressing your exposed skin. With your face raise up in the sky to feel the heat of the sun draping you with its warmth and comfort there is this palpating force beckoning you to take a dip at the nearby cool waters.

Finally, the thirsty skin is soothed by the coolness of the waters of the sparkling blue sea of San Bernardo Island.  As you drink the beauty of this enchanting archipelago that belongs to Cartagena in Colombia, your heart starts to bounce.  It is the rhythm of the island that blends with the beating of your heart, enticing you for more romantic encounters just a few steps away.  The strong sea currents did not deter you from approaching the rocky side of the island.  Here the temperature is several degrees lower invigorating your senses.

And as you approach the most beautiful beach of Playa Blanca, your sight is led to the natural carpet of green and blue. Watching the rays of the sun playing with the rhythmic movement of the glassy surface, the feeling of bliss is undeniably fluttering at the core of ones being.  Enclosed in a paradise is indeed a dream come true.

Your spirit of adventure led you to the magnificent Volcán del Totumo.  As the 15m high mud snugly hugged your body and engulfed you with peacefulness never experienced before, your mind wanders to ancient times when people rely on nature for beauty and eternal youth.  Comforted by the thought that nature is working to your benefit, you savour the soothing cocoon and dream through the pleasurable experience.

An indomitable spirit you are, saying no to the spur of surfing at the main beach of the city would be unthinkable.  As you steady yourself with the board beneath your feet you let the waves carry you to forever. The spray of sea water on your face didn’t bother you at all; you were simply enjoying the best ride of your life.

Imagine all these in this beautiful city of Cartagena in Colombia.  Your senses will surely fall in love as you recapture this moment in reality.

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