Cartagena in Colombia at Night

Cartagena, syllables that can only be spoken with a seductive tone, symbolizes history, culture, and romance.  This Caribbean jewel offers not only warm beaches, stunning architectural edifices, but insidious pleasures as well.

When the sun starts to hide beneath the mountains and the coolness of the night slowly cloaks the beautiful city, colors swiftly start to turn to different shades illuminated by bright lights; that’s when the fun begins and Cartagena in Colombia becomes the most beguiling place to be.

On the streets, people walk with a different rhythm. Perked up by the cool night air, there is no sense of urgency as light carefree steps pound the streets moving towards gourmet restaurants, bars, cafes, and clubs.  Hand in hand, throng of friends and families flock to any of the three night venues:  the original walled old city, El Centro, with its charming collection of night spots; the modern beach zone lined with high rise hotels and hottest bars of Boca Grande; or the sensible Calle de Arsenal, near the convention center with its own set of bars, cafes and bsitros.   The old and the modern and something in between, each with its own allure and drama, each enclosed in its own magical world.

At El Centro, there is a conventional air and romance.  The subdued air that clings to the historic walls somehow casts a restraining shadow to the activities of the night.  Relaxing in chases of open air cafes with cool cocktails at hand while listening to the captivating music, contentment is derived from feeling the soft caress of the sea breeze on bare skin and the sense of being transformed to another place and time. This sense of tranquillity mixed with an electrifying atmosphere has a distinctive air that only Cartagena in Colombia can offer.

Meanwhile in Boca Grande, a different atmosphere prevails.  The throng of feet that were led here are now stomping with vigour of upbeat rhythm sanctimoniously feeling the textured sand underneath.  With each thumping of the heart beating in consonance to the banging of the drums and rhythm of the music, a carefree surrender reigns as spirits soar to unimaginable heights.  With a sense of abandonment and joy, the heat of the night at this section of Carrera 1 and Calle 5 continues until dawn.

Calle de Arsenal, on the other hand, offers a different tempo.  More lively than El Centro yet less frantic than Boca Grande, the movement, rhythm and abandonment show a sense of purpose and conviction.  Each step is an art, each beating is poetry, and each surrender is a promise.

Cartagena in Colombia – bus tours

Some chose to ride in open bus tours that stops at bars and clubs along the way  and there each vibrant physique basks in each of the unique ambiance before moving on to the next. The journey entails a relaxing pose at the bus bar’s cozy chairs while relishing the delectable cool drinks with the live bands’ sultry music at the background.

A few souls who feel that luck is in the air proceed to the beautiful casinos around the city. Trying their luck at these high rise lovely casinos, the glittering lights and the simple elegance somehow exudes a consoling embrace that leaves one at peace even after a series of tough luck.

There is more to what this beautiful alluring city has for everyone.  Having more than its share of tantalizing night life, and with its charm and attractions, Cartagena in Colombia offers more than what meets the eyes.

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